For those looking for a cardio workout, or competitive golf or tennis, Boca Grande offers numerous options. There are public tennis courts on Wheeler Street, a small work out facility at the Boca Grande Community Center. If interested in Yoga classes, the Gasparilla Inn Beach Club offers classes to guest of the hotel and Banyan Tree Studio offers Yoga and Pilates classes open to the public.

The only way to golf “on island” is to be a member or guest at the Gasparilla Inn. There are several “beach and tennis clubs” that are also private, but a little more accommodating if you are looking for a good tennis match. The Boca Grande Club, Boca Bay Pass Club and Gasparilla Inn Beach & Tennis Club are all private clubs. If interested in learning , more about each club or membership opportunities, please don’t hesitate email us at and we will put you in touch with the right folks.

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