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Boca Grande Golf Cart “Rules of the Road”

Whether you own your golf cart or are renting one, knowing the Boca Grande golf cart “rules of the road” is critical for the safety of you, your passengers and those around you.

Boca Grande is one of the few places where golf carts share the road with cars, bicyclists and pedestrians.  It is important to know HOW you should operate a cart in Boca Grande, WHERE you are allowed to drive and WHO is allowed to drive.

Boca Grande Golf Carts Should YIELD TO ALL OTHERS

Golf cart operators should yield to everyone.  Cars, bicyclists and all pedestrians all have the RIGHT OF WAY over ALL GOLF CARTS at ALL TIMES.  Never drive too close to any person, bike, stroller or another cart.

Regardless of direction of travel, all golf carts should pull to the side for bicyclists and pedestrians.  If passing someone, first alert them well in advance with a bell or by voice, then pass slowly and cautiously.  Golf carts should not pass other carts unless the cart ahead has stopped and signaled that it is “ok” to pass.  All golf carts should proceed slowly when passing or passing by other golf carts in the opposite direction.

Where you can drive a Boca Grande Golf Cart

Golf carts should try to stay on the “golf cart path” as much as possible.  However, Carts are only allowed on the roadway on neighborhood side streets and in the downtown village between First Street and Fifth Street. When traveling on these roadways, carts should abide by typical traffic rules, but always use extra caution.  Carts should never travel on Gasparilla Road or Gulf Boulevard south of First Street.  These are streets with speed limits in excess of 30 mph.

Never drive on the beach or dunes

Golf carts are prohibited from driving on the beach or on or near beach dunes and access points.  Driving on dunes will damage important vegetation that is meant to combat beach erosion.  If caught driving on the dunes or beach, you will face steep fines and ticketing and could be subject to arrest.

No One Under 14 Years Old is Allowed to Drive a Boca Grande Golf Cart

No one under the age of 14 is allowed to drive a gold cart.  Children will be stopped by law enforcement for proof of age.  All first time operators should use extreme caution at all times.  Children and young adults should have operated a golf cart before first time use in Boca Grande.

Common courtesy and “island attitude” will go a long way towards proper golf cart etiquette.  Be friendly to those around you.  Slow down.  No one should be in hurry on an island.  Yield often, even when you think others should.

Have Fun On Your Boca Grande Golf Cart Tour

There are numerous golf cart rental outfits on Boca Grande.  Some include:  Gasparilla Adventures, The Boca Grande Marina, and Kappy’s Market to new a few.

There is no better way to see Boca Grande’s beautiful scenery, flora, architecture and island views than by exploring on golf cart.  A safe golf cart ride in the late afternoon and a stop along the beach at sunset is one of the best ways to end a Boca Grande day.  Enjoy yourself and most of all be safe!

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